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DIY Kitchen Renovation: Day Three – Demolition Continued

The badly needed kitchen renovation of my New York City apartment continues. On day three I opened up the walls and pulled the copper tubing for the water supply line to the new fridge. I got a call saying the delivery of the new cabinets, counters, refrigerator and a sink from Ikea will be coming Tuesday afternoon. The new stove, microwave range hood, and a dishwasher from Sears are scheduled for delivery on Friday.

Here’s a little video update of the progress today:


The electrician confirmed he’ll be arriving tomorrow to start work. The debris removal folks came today and took the old stove and all the debris from the demo.

Bummer, the ceiling fixture died today. It’s fluorescent, and I think the ballast went bad. I’ll ask the electrician.

Here’s a video taken at the end  of the day:


We’re still on schedule and on budget. If the electrician doesn’t need to redo the wiring back to the main panel, we’ll be golden!

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