Over the years I have managed to win a few awards for my work. Working on any creative project leaves you feeling vulnerable, and having others in your field acknowledge your accomplishments helps offset the insecurity inherent in the creative process.

  • 2006 Long Island International Film Expo Award: Best Long Island Film and Best Score for Under Surveillance
    In the spring of 2002, I answered a posting on the Long Island Film Newsgroup and volunteered to help out on a film shoot. It was just supposed to be one day’s work – for fun! By lunchtime I was the Director of Photography on this feature film. Over the course of the next year, Dave Campfield and I worked together to finish shooting this film. As time passed my list of credits expanded and I ended up as an executive producer as well. The work was challenging, but my skills as a DP grew and I am happy with the finished film – a few other people seem to like it too!
  • 2005 Communicator Award: Award of Distinction for Kitchener Translation Workshop
    In the winter of 2005 I traveled to Kitchener Canada to interview a group of Bible translators and scholars meeting at a small Mennonite camp. 2 teams of translators were from Alaska and 2 were from Native American tribes in the lower 48 states. I produced, directed, edited and prepared graphics for this 7 minute video.
  • 2005 Communicator Award: Honorable Mention for Katrina Response
    This short subject video was created by the American Bible Society who sent a team to Houston, Texas to document the plight of people taking refuge in the Houston are after Hurricane Katrina, and the Christian community in the region who stepped up to the challenge of feeding, clothing, and ministering to these people as they struggle to rebuild their lives. I co-produced, shot and edited this video.
  • 2002 Angel Award for Kingsley’s Meadow – Eager Beaver Episode
    I was the Executive in-charge-of Production for the 13 episode children’s series that this show was a part of. I reviewed and approved all of the scripts music and designs for the series and was on set for most of the shoot. I had a lot of creative input on the project, but my main job was cutting big checks and managing contracts and delivery schedules.
  • 2000 Communicator Award: Award of Distinction for LCM 2000
    This short fundraising and promotional film for Lutheran City Ministries in Detroit, Michigan was shot on a shoestring budget over 3 days. The group was doing some great work in the city and it was a pleasure to help them get the word out. I wrote, directed, shot, and edited this video.
  • 2000 Houston Worldfest Award: Gold Special Jury Award for Resurrection
    I was Executive in-charge-of Production for this short film starring Jim Caviezel. This was one of my first big projects and I learned an amazing amount from the director, Merle Worth, and our first rate producer, Nina Froriep.