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DIY Kitchen Renovation: Day Two – Demolition Continued

The badly needed kitchen renovation of my New York City apartment continues. On day two I continued tearing out the old cabinets and appliances in preparation for replacing them with cabinets, counters, refrigerator and a sink from Ikea along with a new stove, microwave range hood, and a dishwasher from Sears.

Here’s a little video update of the progress today:


The electrician coming in to replace the fuse panel and completely rewire the kitchen space on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I want to get as much stuff out of the way to give him clear access to the walls.

Monday afternoon the debris removal people are coming as well. I broke down the old cabinets so that they would take up as little space as possible – the debris removal is charged by the load size, so this will help keep the budget down. I want them to take the stove too, but only if it doesn’t add to the cost. (Sears will take it for free when the new appliances come, but I’d have to wait until Friday.)

This wave of the project is focused on the basics and the electrical work, but I’m already looking forward to dressing things up with a tile backsplash, a new floor, and some under-cabinet task lighting once the main project is done.

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