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Adding HD Backgrounds To Slideshow Presentations

Adding HD Backgrounds to your PowerPoint and OpenOffice/LibreOffice Impress slideshow presentations is not too complicated. This is a key method to brand and improve the slideshow-based videos you create for video marketing or as a course creator making videos for Udemy courses and other online training platforms. The videos below will walk you through the process of adding a background image to a PowerPoint presentation and also an OpenOffice/LibreOffice Impress presentation.

HD Backgrounds in PowerPoint

HD Backgrounds in OpenOffice/LibreOffice Impress

Andrew Seltz

Andrew was born in Michigan, raised there and in Tennessee, and has since lived outside Orlando, in Chicago, New York City, and now Birmingham, Alabama. He produces videos and websites for a living and is married to a beautiful, generous, loving woman who also happens to be a talented actress and writer - They have two daughters.

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