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Kitchen Renovation Project: Day Five – Patching Walls and Building Cabinets

The badly needed kitchen renovation of my New York City apartment continues into day five. Today was the day to start patching up all the holes that the electricians and I made in the walls. I also started to assemble some of our new cabinets from Ikea delivered yesterday. The new stove, microwave range hood, and a dishwasher from Sears are scheduled for delivery on Friday.

I spent much of day 5 waiting for the delivery of the drywall and other supplies for patching the holes. While I waited, I put together some of the cabinets.

Here’s a progress report for the day:


The delivery came around 3:30pm. Building supply companies aren’t like Ikea – they don’t bring the stuff inside. The delivery guy dropped things in front of the building (in the rain) and I had to get it all inside myself.

Progress was good today, but I’m getting nervous about getting all the wall repair done by tomorrow. I didn’t factor in enough time for the plaster to dry and to put a coat of paint onto everything.

There’s nothing like the rising feeling of panic to focus your attention and get you working!

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