All Revved Up For a Juice Fast

Last night I was flipping through Netflix for something interesting to watch and found a documentary called “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead.” It was about an 40-something Australian guy who decided to do a 60 day juice fast to lose weight and try and regain his youthful health. My opinion on the documentary is that…

…it is a mediocre movie – but ultimately worth watching.

The story starts VERY slowly and doesn’t really go anywhere until the main subject meets an overweight truck driver who desperately needs to re-boot his life and health. The trucker agrees to do a juice fast of his own.

The truck driver’s transformation is the most compelling part of the movie and ultimately makes it worth watching. The storytelling is uneven. But, in the end, you find yourself basically liking the 2 guys and admiring their dedication to helping others improve their health.

Seriously Considering a Juice Fast

Jack LaLanne JuicerNow, the main effect this movie had on me was to inspire me to pull my Jack LaLanne Juicer off the shelf this morning and whip up a batch of fresh juice. The crisper was a little low on veggies, so the girls and I settled for some apple juice. Ellen is headed to the grocery store and has added lots of veggies to the list (carrots are number one for me followed by celery.)

I’m seriously considering a 10 day juice fast. I don’t need to lose weight, but could stand a little detox and revitalization.

Maybe it’s time for a Facebook Challenge?

Andrew Seltz

Andrew was born in Michigan, raised there and in Tennessee, and has since lived outside Orlando, in Chicago, New York City, and now Birmingham, Alabama. He produces videos and websites for a living and is married to a beautiful, generous, loving woman who also happens to be a talented actress and writer - They have two daughters.

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